No matter how much you spend for a tuxedo or suit, it would not be complete if it is not tailored properly. Your ultimate goal is to create a polished, tailored silhouette. Whether you are renting or buying, it is necessary to get your tuxedo or suit properly measured to ensure a perfect fit.

Tailoring Rules You Need to Know:

Make Sure the Shoulders Fit

This is one of the most important tailoring rules. The ideal width of a suit jacket extends the natural shoulder line to balance with the hips. If they are noticeably too tight, then the jacket is too small.

Sleeve Length

The hem of your sleeves should fall at the wrist bone, allowing one-fourth inch to one half-inch of the shirt cuff to be visible. If your jacket sleeve hits your knuckles, then it is too long.

Avoid the Collar Gap

The jacket collar must lie flat against the shirt collar. If the collar is not properly fitted to your neck, it will sit away from your shirt collar and leave a gap or bulge.

Jacket Fit

If your jacket is not taken in at the waist, it will look too boxy. The vent in the back of the jacket should not be open. If it does, the jacket is too tight.

Trouser Length

The edge of your trousers should hit the top of your heal and brush the tops of your shoes. A small break in your trousers will allow for a timeless, yet modern look. Trousers are meant to sit at the waist. There should been enough room at the hip and tigh so you are comfortable when sitting or standing.

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