Father Of The Bride

One of the proudest days of your life.

You’re giving away your little girl. The same girl that you held and promised the world to the day she was born, is now about to embark into her journey of matrimony.

Trust Giorgenti Weddings to have you looking your absolute best as you walk down the aisle with your pride and joy.
Giorgenti Weddings offers fully custom wedding suits and tuxedos, promising you the look that you have always dreamt of for your daughter’s special day.

By custom, we mean custom. If you have a look in mind, or, if you saw a picture on social media of a look you would like to emulate – bring it to us and we will make it come to life.

Giorgenti Weddings is conveniently located in Garden City. You will enjoy the personalized attention from our highly trained staff, led by 4th generation Italian-American designer Janine Giorgenti.

With Giorgenti Weddings, you will receive a truly exclusive custom experience.

Call (646) 957-6916 to schedule your custom fitting.

As you walk down the aisle you want to look your best, in the most comfortable and best fitting custom made tuxedo or suit. Giorgenti will do just that.